Medici Websites

A system for building quality websites quickly

My team and I used my Raven Pattern Library and WordPress to create websites based on common patterns.

Medici logo

I created various logos to represent different aspects of the project: Sprint2MVP for the name of our Agile process, Medici for the WordPress websites, and Renascare for the WordPress theme. 


The Medici websites and Sprint2MVP process have been tested on five internal company sites, and we have plans to bring the system to the public soon.

Initial Art

I almost always start my design work from pencil sketches, often just doodling until an idea starts to form.

For the Sprint2MVP logo, I wanted something that conveyed “sprinting” toward a goal, and as I sketched, I realized the man looked a little like the number “2” from the name.

I tried a couple ideas for the Medici logo, starting with a sketch of Cosimo de Medici that is often shown in profile on coins. However, we decided to go with the Medici shield instead with a phoenix behind it—the phoenix coming from the Renascare theme (Renascare being Portuguese for “rebirth”).